Oklahoma Heart Hospital Research Foundation

Research Director : Linda Cordell

Address : 4200 West Memorial Road, Ste 510 Oklahoma City, OK 73120

About Oklahoma Heart Hospital Research Foundation


The Oklahoma Foundation for Cardiovascular Research, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1993.  In 2003, a for-profit wholly-owned subsidiary, Oklahoma Cardiovascular Research Group (OCRG) was formed.  We serve as the Research Dept of the Oklahoma Heart Hospital.  Therefore in order to more align with the hospital, we changed our name in 2014 to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital Research Foundation (OHHRF).  OHHRF is leading the way as one of the largest cardiovascular research sites in North America. Our team of doctors and scientists participate in clinical research studies that are testing new and better treatments for heart disease. Some of these studies have been used throughout Oklahoma, the United States and beyond.

OHHRF/OCRG have participated in over 400 clinical trials with over 50 physicians involved.  OHHRF/OCRG participated in some of the "firsts" in Oklahoma and among the first in the nation as follow: (a) to test the newest medication leading to improved health in people with heart failure; (b) to use radiation to treat the reblockage of heart arteries that consistently occurs in some people; (c) to perform PTMR and TMR, procedures using a laser beam to selectively places holes in the heart, to determine if chronic heart pain can be stopped; (d) to evaluate devices which led to eventual FDA approval (i) Atherrectomy and Rotablator catheters, small cutting devices used to remove plaque from heart arteries; (ii) Stents, tiny stainless steel coils to hold open the artery, (iii) Angiojet, a suction device used to remove blood clots causing a heart attack, (iv) Laser, used to remove plaque within leg and heart arteries; (e) to test and evaluate anti-platelet drugs to reduce death, heart attack and the need for repeat angioplasty and (f) to provide a wearble defibrillator vest, capable of monitoring the heart and providing shock if needed to people at risk for sudden death.  We have experience in Coronary Heart Disease (acute MI, acute coronary syndrome, gene therapy, restenosis, total occlusions); Heart Failure (congestive HF, remodeling, implantable devices); Cadiac Anomaly (PFO closure); Vascular Disease (abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery disease, carotid stent with distal protection, peripheral arterial disease); Atherosclerosis (hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia); Metabolic Syndrome; Hypertension; and Cardiac Arrhythmia (A-fib, ICD, External Defibrillator Vest).  

Cardiology/Vascular Diseases

We occupy approx 3,400 sq ft of space in the Mercy Tower located within walking distance of the Oklahoma Heart Hospital (connected by an underground tunnel).  Our facility is equipped with dedicated monitoring space, an exam room, and laboratory.  We also occupy an exam room and office within the Oklahoma Heart Hospital with access to clinic rooms for patient visits, EKG, pharmacy, CXR, holter monitoring, stress testing, nuclear testing, etc.  

We have a dedicated Valve Team with 2 FT nurses and 2 PT nurses, with 4 research assistants.  For other studies, we have 2 PT nurses (32 hrs/wk) and 1 FT nurse.  We have a dedicated Regulatory Affairs specialist who only handles IRB activity.  The Director of Business Operations negotiates all contracts/budgets with sponsors. We have access to the largest group of heart doctors in the state of Oklahoma!


Oklahoma City has over 1 mil population.  We have access to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital EMR system and the Research Database.  Many of our patients are physician-referred and rarely do we have to advertise, but we can, if needed. 

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