SunValley Research Center Inc.

Research Director : Judy Galindo, CCRC

Address : 2417 Marshall Avenue # 1 Imperial

About SunValley Research Center Inc.


SunValley Research Center Inc.

Research can improve people’s health and provide an alternative option to treatment for those seeking something new or cutting edge.  Research studies helps doctors and scientists better understand, prevent, and treat diseases with the newly developed investigational medications.

By participating in a research study, you as a participant contribute to provide valuable data to scientists in order to find out if a medication works, how effective it is and if they are safe to use with minimal side effects.  Based on the data collected if the medication works, eventually it’s approved by the FDA for physicians to prescribe in the future for that specific condition. A diverse patient population is needed for clinical trials in order to find out more about how certain medications work on patients with different backgrounds.  This will help develop better treatments in the future and help doctors provide better options to patients with different backgrounds who have various medical conditions.

Our Sun Valley Family offers culturally appropriate comprehensive mental health services by disseminating excellent quality, confidential and reliable care; cutting edge FDA approved treatments; advanced technology therapeutics, precision medicine, scientific evidence-based psychotherapy, computer assisted diagnostics, and the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. We have a large Hispanic patient population and we believe in diversity and inclusion in all clinical trials for all therapeutic areas.

Our centers nurture a safe, caring, and enjoyable workplace where staff ideas are respected and valued; build and preserve productive and respectful relationships with community partners; promote awareness of mental health disorders, reduce stigma and decrease barriers to care; while upholding honesty, integrity, passion and innovation, in order to meet the health challenges of families in this rural community near the Mexican border, that we all belong to and love. Our staff is a reflection of our patient population in our community which participants feel comfortable with when they are part of a clinical research study.


Our Research Facility has the following:

  • Diverse patient population (children, adolescents, adults and elderly patients)
  • Physical Exam and EKG Room
  • Manual and Electronical Blood Pressure Devices
  • Manual and Electronic scale
  • Stadiometer
  • Ambient Centrifuge
  • -20 Degree Celsius Freezer
  • Locked Refrigerator for study drug or lab samples
  • Phlebotomy area within our research center
  • Separate entrance for our research center aside from entering from our PI’s private practice
  • Waiting area for participants
  • Kids area to entertain themselves while at our site
  • Private monitoring area with lots of room
  • Private assessment or consenting rooms
  • All equipment is calibrated on a yearly basis
  • Double locked, temperature-controlled study drug room with limited access
  • Storage area for study and lab supplies
  • Access to dry ice
  • Access to MRI & Scans a few buildings away from our office
  • Access to an ultrasound a few buildings away from our office
  • Access to a local PET Scan
  • Access to local neurologist for Lumbar Puncture/Spinal Tap Procedures
  • Our research center has a Clinical Trial Management System for all studies
  • Electronic Regulatory and monitors will have online access at all times
  • Electronic Source Documents and monitors will have online access at all times

Research Facility Capabilities:

  • Access to a Phase I facility for mental health studies

  • Addiction

  • Central Nervous System

  • Diabetes

  • Genetic Studies

  • Observational and Outcome Studies

  • Psychiatric/Mental Health

  • Tobacco Studies

  • Women’s Studies

We are also expanding into other therapeutic areas, contact us to find out more!

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Judy Galindo, CCRC

Research Director

Bernardo Ng