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NCT06372379 | NOT YET RECRUITING | Emergency Medicine

Development of a Multipurpose Dashboard to Monitor the Situation of Emergency Departments

Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research

Brief Summary:

An emergency department (ED) is a healthcare service that provides the first clinical assessment and treatment to patients with various acute conditions. These departments, however, are often overwhelmed by the large volume of patients. As a consequence, ED crowding has become a global concern and has been correlated to reduced timeliness and effectiveness of care and increased patient mortality. Concerning input, 20% to 30% of patients are brought to the ED by ambulance; the remaining are self-presenting for the vast majority. Notably, non-urgent conditions characterize a high proportion of all ED visits worldwide, and almost all of these visits involve self-presenting patients. Increasing the awareness of these patients about the mandate of EDs and the real-time situation of the neighboring emergency departments has the potential to reduce the self-presentation of patients with minor, non-urgent conditions. Such patient empowerment can be achieved through a dashboard. Concerning throughput, working in the ED requires emergency physicians and nurses to treat many patients at once while maintaining situational awareness of the surroundings. This is especially true for the head of the department, but it also holds for all physicians. It can be crucial, for example, for physicians to know if there is a bottleneck in the flow of the entire patient care process, such as a particularly high average waiting time for radiology reporting or cardiologic consultation. The availability of this information allows countermeasures to be put in place to regain efficiency. All this can be achieved through dedicated dashboards automatically fed from various information system. In addition, appropriate dashboards also enable health policymakers to monitor specific epidemiological phenomena, such as the emergence of certain infectious diseases, in a timely manner.

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Emergency Medicine


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Estimated Enrollment : 162000 participants
Official Title : Development of a Multipurpose Dashboard to Monitor the Situation of Emergency Departments. An Observational Prospective Study
Actual Study Start Date : 2024-09
Estimated Primary Completion Date : 2025-01
Estimated Study Completion Date : 2027-09

Information not available for Arms and Intervention/treatment

Ages Eligible for Study: 18 Years
Sexes Eligible for Study: ALL
Inclusion Criteria
  • * Adult
  • * Arrived at emergency department between 1 January 2025 and 31 December 2025
Exclusion Criteria
  • - None

Development of a Multipurpose Dashboard to Monitor the Situation of Emergency Departments

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