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NCT06334237 | RECRUITING | Migraine

Psychosomatic Factors Influencing the Efficacy of Holistic Care for Migraine

C jargon Christian hospital

Brief Summary:

This research project aims at exploring the psychosomatic factors that influence and moderate the efficacy of holistic care and personalized treatment for migraine patients. It is a prospective longitudinal observational study. The project's goal is to understand how physical, psychological, spiritual, and social factors affect the care and treatment outcomes for migraineurs. The study will include participants aged 18 to 65, who meet the International Headache Society's criteria for migraines. It will utilize a range of methodologies including questionnaires, interviews, and medical records to collect data on various factors like lifestyle, psychological state, and social support. The project will assess the effectiveness of treatments, compliance, and other outcomes such as emotional and sleep conditions.

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personalized treatment

Detailed Description:

In this study, participants will be recruited through clinics. All the participants will be asked to keep a migraine diary for the duration of three months. In addition to that, the participants will fill out questionnaires that measures depression, anxiety, well-being and migraine related disability. This study does not intervene with the routine clinical care. The investigators merely observe through participant's diary and other patient reports to find out about how psychological and social factors might lead to different clinical outcomes.

Estimated Enrollment : 120 participants
Official Title : Exploring the Psychosomatic Factors Influencing and Moderating the Efficacy of Holistic Care and Personalized Treatment for Migraine Patients: A Prospective Longitudinal Observational Study
Actual Study Start Date : 2024-04-18
Estimated Primary Completion Date : 2025-02-21
Estimated Study Completion Date : 2026-02-21

Information not available for Arms and Intervention/treatment

Ages Eligible for Study: 18 Years to 65 Years
Sexes Eligible for Study: ALL
Inclusion Criteria
  • * individuals aged between 18 and 65 who meet the International Headache Society's criteria for migraines
Exclusion Criteria
  • * incapacitate such as dementia or cognitive deficiency
  • * illiterate, or could not sign informed consents
  • * severe disorder or co-morbidities that the doctors advice against participation

Psychosomatic Factors Influencing the Efficacy of Holistic Care for Migraine

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